Látásjavító műtét: A jövő világa a tisztább látásban rejlik.

Visual acuity test

A látásélesség vizsgálat

In our partner clinics, the ophthalmologists start the visual acuity test with an automatic refractometer measurement, this device can identify and quantify the refractive errors of the eye (spherical and cylindrical diopters, axis direction).
After that, we measure which smallest possible sign (letter, number, Landolt C) the patient can accurately read with one eye from 5 meters. Based on these values ​​and those measured with the refractometer, we will see which eyeglass lens can best help to improve vision. In the case of an aptitude test, the combined visual acuity of both eyes must reach 0.5. When the diagnosis is myopia, distance vision is affected and can be corrected with spherical glasses.
After that, we perform the close visual acuity test from a reading distance (30 cm), using the so-called Csapody vision test boards. If the person can only read the smallest print with extra diopters added, we prescribe reading glasses, which are often necessary above the age of 45. Upon request, we also determine the amount of correction required for work performed at the monitor distance.